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Check out – COVID-19: List of PA Dispensary Preparedness (click me) (this linked was added march 25th)

Surgeon general – Jerome Adams – says “Stop buying medical masks”

The main takeaways from this post
I urge general consumers not to purchase medical masks
The supply cannot meet the demand
And not everyone needs one

Disease Prevention:

Surgeon general wrote the “best way to protect yourself and your community is with everyday preventive actions, like staying home when you are sick and washing hands with soap and water, to help slow the spread of respiratory illness.” He added…

“Get your Flu Shot. Fewer flu patients = more resources for COVID19”, which has been nicknamed Corona Virus.

(Click me) to find out What You Need To Know AboutPersonal Protective Equipment This resource goes over which methods & materials, if any ~ (gloves, gowns, face masks) ~ are appropriate to slow the spread of COVID19.

Who should wear one?

The CDC does not recommend that healthy individuals wear medical masks to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus.
CDC says medical masks are essential for health workers and people who are taking care of others in a health care facility or at home. Though, those who show COVID-19 symptoms should wear masks to help prevent the disease from spreading.

Follow the spread of COVID19 - here - Johns Hopkins Global Spread

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