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Oct 2020 [Opinion] COVID Cautious? Invest in a Vaporizer [4-min read]

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the medical marijuana law does not allow smoking joints/bowl/bongs. Actually, it is more accurate to say there is no combustion allowed. Because of this, you should never medicate using a lighter.

The dispensaries do sell flower, but with the intended use being for vaporization only.

Burning at roughly 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, a lighter is definitely a great survival tool. But for medication, there is no need for this hot of a temperature. The cannabis harmful effects you became accustomed to – coughing / sleepiness / dry mouth / paranoia – may even 100% disappear if you don’t use a lighter. But if you must continue to medicate this way, I advise you to always have a warm cup of water/tea handy.

A healthier approach, that still gives you that white cloud of smoke is a vaporizer. Cartridges are fine, but I am a big promoter of using ground cannabis in a hand-held device that works as a miniature toaster oven. Much like your oven, the best vaporizers can be customized to run at different temperatures. Thus, allowing you to pick and choose which cannabis compounds you inhale.

“Based on the temperature settings, the same cannabis can produce widely different effects!”

Different effects from the same cannabis can be seen by varying the temperature at which you use it. I promote <350 °F for a better-tasting hit & more sociable/energizing experience. Increase to >360 °F if you want that couch-locking mind-fogging effect.

THCa (220 °F) | THC (315 °F) | CBDa (248 °F) | CBD (356 °F)

^Temperatures you must go above to vaporize your medicine

The downside to vaporizers: they can be pricey, running as high as $40-300. The cheaper ones should be cleaned more often to prevent clogging.

To conclude, invest in one of these devices for your health, for a better-flavored hit, and for customizable temperature-specific effects.

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